Paleofied Strawberry Bellinis

Strawberry Bellini Paleo

It’s Sunday. It’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what else would be more fitting for today than Brunch and Bellinis! There is just one problem. It’s bitter cold here in Pittsburgh today, and I’d prefer not to leave the house today if I don’t have to. Cuddling up in my house and staying in my pajamas all day sounds quite inviting for this Valentine’s Day! So I figured why not “Brunch and Bellini” it at home?!

DIY Corner Desk | Step-by-Step Instructions

DIY Cornery Desk_TitledFor those of you who follow me on social media, I have been sharing some sneak peaks for a few weeks now of a special DIY project taking place. It is finally complete, and I’m so excited to reveal the final product to you! I thought this was a great opportunity to bring in my first guest blogger to A Slice of Ky in order to give you a first hand account of the project and step-by-step instructions. I would like to introduce to you my husband, Jon! The floor is all yours, babe…

Hello everyone!  As Kylie mentioned, my name is Jon and I’m honored to be the first guest blogger on A Slice of Ky!  

Paleo Spinach Artichoke Dip

Paleo Spinach Artichoke Dip

The Super Bowl was this past Sunday, and I’m willing to bet Monday morning wasn’t too fun for a lot of people. Maybe you were tired, maybe you were hungover… Or, maybe you felt ill from that junk food coma in which you’re still trying to come out of.  We’ve all been there! But the question is why do we keep gorging ourselves time and time again when we know it’s going to end badly? I think the answer is pretty obvious, right?

Nutritional Therapy Association | I’m enrolled!

Nutritional Therapy Association BooksI am very excited to announce that I am officially enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) Program through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA)! Let me start by giving you a brief overview of the school and program.

Super Bowl Potluck with Eat Something Delicious

Paleo Super Bowl Potluck

The Super Bowl isn’t quite the same for me when my hometown team, The Pittsburgh Steelers, aren’t playing. It seemed like we had a shot to make it to the Super Bowl this year, so it was a pretty big let down when they didn’t. I, however, am still very excited for the big game, because when I think “Super Bowl”, my mind automatically turns to FOOD!  It’s the perfect excuse to gather around the television with good friends and good food, and who doesn’t want to do that? That is exactly why my good friend Meagan and I have decided to create our very own Super Bowl Potluck.