Prepackaged Paleo Foods

Prepackaged Paleo 2With Paleo becoming more popular, the number of prepackaged paleo foods is on the rise. You might think that this goes against the Paleo diet since you’re supposed to cut out all processed foods. However, there are many new companies that are creating minimally processed items using real food and clean ingredients with nothing to hide. I mean who can argue against healthy ranch dressing and mayonnaise? Granted these items are definitely pricey, but you get what you pay for…. Real food with no preservatives and no unnecessary additives. I have not personally tried many of these (unless otherwise noted), but I thought it was important to roundup this list and share with you this real food trend that is starting to catch on! After all, Paleo at its core is simply just about eating real food, and these products will allow you to do just that without sacrificing quality.


Paleo Recipe Review | Round 1

Paleo Recipe Review Round 1

This past Saturday night, Jon and I planned a little date night for ourselves. It consisted of us staying in and cooking dinner together. It wasn’t much, but cooking together is out of the ordinary for us and we had so much fun. We sat down and searched the web far and wide looking for anything that struck our fancy. Together we decided on bacon-wrapped scallops, “mac & cheese” and dinner rolls. It’s just what we were in the mood for at the time. We had such a good time testing these new recipes, we decided to make it into a series here on the blog! Every so often we will make recipes from different paleo bloggers across the web and report back here with the results. My hope is that you enjoy reading about what we cooked together and that it will inspire some meal ideas for you!


Power Post-Workout Shake

Post Workout Protein ShakeEver feel just totally wiped out after a good workout? Yeah, me too, and I hate it. Sometimes I would go through the rest of my day feeling fatigued and exhausted, but I knew working out should actually be making me feel invigorated and refreshed. On good days when I felt energized and ready to take on the day after my workout, I began to wonder why I don’t feel great like that all of the time.

Hard Cider Roundup and Review

Hard Cider Reviews Cropped2Hard cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of apples (and sometimes other fruits). Don’t confuse this with regular apple cider which is essentially apple juice but less filtered and processed. We’re focusing on the hard kind today. Hard cider is very popular abroad, but it has taken a back seat to craft beer here in America. However, because hard cider is naturally gluten free it is becoming more and more popular due to the new, rising era of gluten free living. Hard apple cider naturally gets more attention in the fall, so what better time to roundup and review seven popular hard ciders than right now!  A few of us got together and had a fun night deciphering the tastes and smells of this seasons most festive alcoholic drink. We specifically chose brands fermented with apples only and no spices, flavors or other fruits added to the mix. Because it’s really only fair to compare apples to apples, right!?

Sweet Dumpling Squash | Roasted and Stuffed

Maple Pulled Pork Stuffed SquashI’m so glad my mom introduced me to sweet dumpling squash recently. It has a sweet and nutty flavor that reminds me of a sweet potato, and it might be my favorite winter squash now! As long as you allow enough time for roasting, it is otherwise quick and simple to prepare. I prepared mine by cutting the tops off, but you could also cut them in half so that you have four servings. It took an hour to roast these to perfection in my oven, but I would suggest starting to watch them at around 45 minutes in case your oven cooks them faster. You could stuff the sweet dumpling squash with anything, but I highly recommend trying it with my maple glazed pulled pork recipe. The sweetness from the pork paired with the starchiness of the squash was a perfect marriage of flavor and texture.

Maple Glazed Pulled Pork

Maple Glazed Pulled PorkThis maple glazed pulled pork only takes fifteen minutes to prep, and then set it and forget it in your slow cooker. Only the simplest ingredients are used to make this savory and sweet pulled pork. This recipe is very straightforward, but it yields a ton of finger-licking flavor! Allow a few extra minutes in the morning before work to throw this into the slow cooker, and you’ll come home to what your family might think is a complicated gourmet meal. I won’t tell them how easy this recipe is if you don’t, so go ahead and milk it! There are so many ways you could serve this maple glazed pulled pork… On a bun, atop nachos, stuffed in a sweet potato, in a taco, on top of a pizza, as a salad topping, in a quesadilla, or just naked. No matter how you serve this maple glazed pulled pork, I guarantee you will love it. Oh, and did I mention it’s Paleo-friendly!? Saweeet!

How To Make Homemade Nut Butter

Homemade Nut ButterIt might be surprising to know that Peanuts aren’t Paleo. Why? Because, despite the name, they’re not actually a nut, they are a legume. Legumes aren’t part of a Paleo diet for many reasons including they can be hard to digest and they contain toxins and anti-nutrients. But just because peanuts aren’t Paleo doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in creamy peanut butter-like snacks. That’s right, almond butter, cashew butter, and the like can satisfy just as well. If you’ve ever had homemade nut butter, you know that it just doesn’t compare to those bought from store shelves. The high-quality taste of homemade nut butter makes it superior to store bought. Plus, you know exactly what’s going into it and can rest assured there are no sneaky ingredients lurking around. Have you ever checked out the labels of store bought nut butters? Often there are sugars, preservatives, and unhealthy oils added unnecessarily. As long as you have the right equipment, you can make your own homemade nut butter with ease!


Baby Boy Baptism Banner | Free Printable

Baptism Banner Mock UpThis is a baptism banner that I recently made for a friend to use at her son’s baptism celebration (Hi Mar! Hi Bryson!). It’s a simple, soft design to go with any theme and is perfect for any baby boy’s blessing celebration. That’s why I decided to share this as I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love this cheap and easy solution for decorating. 

Chicken Fried Cauliflower Rice

Paleo Chicken Fried Cauliflower Rice Titled2This chicken fried cauliflower rice is reminiscent of Chinese takeout but without all of the unhealthy drawbacks. This is a comforting dish using health promoting ingredients but not sacrificing on taste.  This recipe should be used as a base to customize your own version of chicken fried rice. It’s a flexible recipe, so use your imagination to modify it for your taste.

Shrimp Boil in Turkey Fryer

Shrimp Boil in Pot 680 Wide-CroppedLast weekend we went camping near Raystown Lake with our friends Kim and Chris. We had to reschedule two times throughout the summer, so we’ve been looking forward to this for a while! It has been several years since Jon and I have been tent camping, so it worked out that we were going with our most seasoned camping friends. Aside from our own tent, Kim and Chris had everything we needed to make a weekend of roughing it less rough. Their legendary “camping tote” sounded to me like it had everything in it but the kitchen sink.  Well guess what, I was wrong. There was actually a kitchen sink in there, too! With this kind of preparedness, not even the crappy weather forecast could hold us back from having a great weekend.