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Homemade Summer Salsa

It's tomato season! This is about the time when gardeners are up to their eyeballs in tomatoes, and I can't think of a better way to use them up than to make a homemade salsa. While I don't grow my own tomatoes, or anything for that matter (I have a major black thumb), I picked some freshly ripened beefsteaks at the local farmers market last week. This homemade salsa is bursting with summer flavors. I like mine to be chunky, but if you prefer a smoother salsa, simply pulse it in a food processor or blender a few times. If you're doing it this way, you could just give the ingredients a rough chop and toss them in to be blended instead of taking the time to make it...

Seriously Healthy Fudgsicles

I know what you're thinking. Why am I posting another popsicle recipe when I just posted one last week. Hear me out! I have been testing out lots of recipes in my new popsicle mold lately with plans to post them throughout the rest of the summer, but this one is seriously so good that I could not wait to share it! Although you'd never be able to tell from the taste, these fudgsicles are a far cry from the store-bought version, which is laden with nasty fillers and health-degrading ingredients. This fudgsicle recipe however, made with five simple ingredients, is seriously healthy...

6 Ingredient Guacamole

Tonight was taco night and luckily I had everything on hand to whip up a batch of guacamole. Every time I make guacamole at home, it reminds me that delicious food doesn't have to be complicated. It's amazing how scrumptious this can be with just 6 simple ingredients. Guacamole is such a versatile food, and it's something that never goes to waste if it's in my refrigerator (or freezer!). Tonight we topped our tacos with it (side note: we used these store-bought grain-free tortillas, and they were ah-mazing), but there are so many other ways to use guacamole: Eat it as a snack with a side of vegetables or organic corn chips Use it as a topping on your chicken breast or burger Mix it with leafy greens as a salad...

Turmeric Tea | Health Benefits and Recipe

I made this turmeric tea recently, and several people have asked me for the recipe so I decided to share it with everyone. I made this for myself a few mornings in a row this past week, because I felt a head cold coming on. I can't say for sure, but I believe this turmeric tea has kept my cold at bay. I'm feeling better already! Tumeric is a culinary spice typically used in curry dishes. It has also been used for many years in Indian and Chinese medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and may be the secret key to long-term health. There is strong evidence which leads us to believe it can prevent illness and disease. Numerous studies suggest curcumin, the main component of turmeric, has...

Paleo Spinach Artichoke Dip

Paleo Spinach Artichoke Dip

The Super Bowl was this past Sunday, and I’m willing to bet Monday morning wasn’t too fun for a lot of people. Maybe you were tired, maybe you were hungover… Or, maybe you felt ill from that junk food coma in which you’re still trying to come out of.  We’ve all been there! But the question is why do we keep gorging ourselves time and time again when we know it’s going to end badly? I think the answer is pretty obvious, right?

Paleo Hot Chocolate

Paleo Hot Chocolate AltBeing that practically the entire east coast has just been slammed with snow, a paleo hot chocolate would be a great way for us all to bring this weekend to a close. Escape from all that snow, and get warm with this delicious paleo hot chocolate. I used 72% cacao chocolate. Using real chocolate, rather than powdered cocoa, makes this paleo hot chocolate rich, dark and creamy. Just make sure you’re choosing high quality chocolate without gluten, soy and dairy in order to keep it paleo. The coconut sugar gives it a caramel-y sweetness, but feel free to adjust the amount based on your taste. The sea salt and vanilla extract bring out all of the flavor, so don’t even think about skipping these secret ingredients. The coconut whipped cream adds even more creaminess and is the perfect topping to brighten up the rich chocolate. You can cut this paleo hot chocolate recipe in half for an individual serving, or double it for a family of 4. Whether you are snowed in or not, please join me in cozying up tonight with a warm mug full of this delicious paleo hot chocolate!

Power Post-Workout Shake

Post Workout Protein ShakeEver feel just totally wiped out after a good workout? Yeah, me too, and I hate it. Sometimes I would go through the rest of my day feeling fatigued and exhausted, but I knew working out should actually be making me feel invigorated and refreshed. On good days when I felt energized and ready to take on the day after my workout, I began to wonder why I don’t feel great like that all of the time.

How To Make Homemade Nut Butter

Homemade Nut ButterIt might be surprising to know that Peanuts aren’t Paleo. Why? Because, despite the name, they’re not actually a nut, they are a legume. Legumes aren’t part of a Paleo diet for many reasons including they can be hard to digest and they contain toxins and anti-nutrients. But just because peanuts aren’t Paleo doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in creamy peanut butter-like snacks. That’s right, almond butter, cashew butter, and the like can satisfy just as well. If you’ve ever had homemade nut butter, you know that it just doesn’t compare to those bought from store shelves. The high-quality taste of homemade nut butter makes it superior to store bought. Plus, you know exactly what’s going into it and can rest assured there are no sneaky ingredients lurking around. Have you ever checked out the labels of store bought nut butters? Often there are sugars, preservatives, and unhealthy oils added unnecessarily. As long as you have the right equipment, you can make your own homemade nut butter with ease!


Homemade Paleo Granola

Homemade Paleo GranolaI’m always thinking about what my next meal is going to be. You always have to be thinking ahead when you’re Paleo (or living any type of healthy lifestyle for that matter). So when it was time for my beach vacation I needed to figure out fast and easy meal options. I figured breakfast would be easy with eggs and sausage, but what about mornings where we just didn’t feel like cooking and wanted something fast?  When I came across the Paleo Grubs Sweet and Salty Paleo Granola recipe, I figured this was the ticket to a quick breakfast before heading out to the beach.

90 Second Paleo Milkshake

IMG_7448_revSometimes you just gotta have something sweet, ya know what I mean? Luckily, with my Paleo Milkshake recipe you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without having to down a sugar-laden dessert. And trust me, I know the sweet tooth can sometimes quickly turn into an emergency situation, but no worries because you can whip this Paleo Milkshake together in just 90 seconds. The frozen bananas here are key. They are the secret behind the sweet flavor as well as the creamy texture. The almond butter and cacao powder blend together so perfectly it will keep you coming back to this recipe time and time again.  A scoop of chocolate protein would be a good substitute for the cacao powder to make this the ultimate post-workout shake. The unsweetened vanilla almond milk is the ideal base, because it gives it a touch of vanilla flavor that takes it over the top. If you don’t have vanilla flavored almond milk, try adding a dash of pure vanilla extract. With only four ingredients, this Paleo Milkshake is something you have got to try. It’s so simple to make, and I promise this creamy, scrumptious Paleo treat will not disappoint your primal palate!