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Bacon In The Oven

Oven Baked Bacon A Slice of Ky ResizedOn weekend mornings you’ll usually find me in the kitchen sipping on a warm cup of tea and cooking up some breakfast. When making a full-out breakfast, the stovetop usually gets pretty crowded. Between the eggs, vegetable hash, and breakfast meat, there is a lot going on on top of that stove. Actually, the pans to make these three things won’t even fit on my stove all at once. I needed to come up with a solution other than having to cook my weekend breakfast in stages. I could probably bake the eggs and veggie hash in the oven, but why not try to eliminate one of the more higher maintenance items from the stovetop? Although bacon is quite straightforward to cook, it’s actually kind of messy and needy when you think about it. All that splattering grease and constant turning. Changing my bacon cooking method from something other than the stovetop would be the ideal remedy. I’ve made bacon on my electric griddle before with great results, but that thing is so tucked away under a million other things it usually only makes an appearance for special occasions!  I also tried cooking bacon in the microwave which surprisingly turned out really well.  I was happy with the microwave bacon results except for one thing. All the bacon grease was getting soaked up by the paper towel on the plate. I just could not go on letting that precious liquid gold go to waste! I needed a way to cook the bacon efficiently, yet still preserve the bacon grease.