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Sweet & Savory Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

Greetings, hungry readers! This is Meagan from Eat Something Delicious and I'll be taking over for Kylie today. Kylie and I "met" last year when we noticed how much each of our blogs had in common. We quickly became good friends who connected on more than just our blogging hobbies (although, she's still my go-to person for when I start rambling about Wordpress updates, rich pins, and all the other blogging topics my poor husband used to endure listening to). A Slice of Ky has really grown to be an amazing site and I'm so excited to be sharing one of my recipes here today. A few years ago, all my experiences with sweet potato could be summed up in two dishes: sweet potato casserole (yes, the kind with marshmallows on top)...

Sweet Dumpling Squash | Roasted and Stuffed

Maple Pulled Pork Stuffed SquashI’m so glad my mom introduced me to sweet dumpling squash recently. It has a sweet and nutty flavor that reminds me of a sweet potato, and it might be my favorite winter squash now! As long as you allow enough time for roasting, it is otherwise quick and simple to prepare. I prepared mine by cutting the tops off, but you could also cut them in half so that you have four servings. It took an hour to roast these to perfection in my oven, but I would suggest starting to watch them at around 45 minutes in case your oven cooks them faster. You could stuff the sweet dumpling squash with anything, but I highly recommend trying it with my maple glazed pulled pork recipe. The sweetness from the pork paired with the starchiness of the squash was a perfect marriage of flavor and texture.

Maple Glazed Pulled Pork

Maple Glazed Pulled PorkThis maple glazed pulled pork only takes fifteen minutes to prep, and then set it and forget it in your slow cooker. Only the simplest ingredients are used to make this savory and sweet pulled pork. This recipe is very straightforward, but it yields a ton of finger-licking flavor! Allow a few extra minutes in the morning before work to throw this into the slow cooker, and you’ll come home to what your family might think is a complicated gourmet meal. I won’t tell them how easy this recipe is if you don’t, so go ahead and milk it! There are so many ways you could serve this maple glazed pulled pork… On a bun, atop nachos, stuffed in a sweet potato, in a taco, on top of a pizza, as a salad topping, in a quesadilla, or just naked. No matter how you serve this maple glazed pulled pork, I guarantee you will love it. Oh, and did I mention it’s Paleo-friendly!? Saweeet!