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Turmeric Tea | Health Benefits and Recipe

I made this turmeric tea recently, and several people have asked me for the recipe so I decided to share it with everyone. I made this for myself a few mornings in a row this past week, because I felt a head cold coming on. I can't say for sure, but I believe this turmeric tea has kept my cold at bay. I'm feeling better already! Tumeric is a culinary spice typically used in curry dishes. It has also been used for many years in Indian and Chinese medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and may be the secret key to long-term health. There is strong evidence which leads us to believe it can prevent illness and disease. Numerous studies suggest curcumin, the main component of turmeric, has...

Paleo Hot Chocolate

Paleo Hot Chocolate AltBeing that practically the entire east coast has just been slammed with snow, a paleo hot chocolate would be a great way for us all to bring this weekend to a close. Escape from all that snow, and get warm with this delicious paleo hot chocolate. I used 72% cacao chocolate. Using real chocolate, rather than powdered cocoa, makes this paleo hot chocolate rich, dark and creamy. Just make sure you’re choosing high quality chocolate without gluten, soy and dairy in order to keep it paleo. The coconut sugar gives it a caramel-y sweetness, but feel free to adjust the amount based on your taste. The sea salt and vanilla extract bring out all of the flavor, so don’t even think about skipping these secret ingredients. The coconut whipped cream adds even more creaminess and is the perfect topping to brighten up the rich chocolate. You can cut this paleo hot chocolate recipe in half for an individual serving, or double it for a family of 4. Whether you are snowed in or not, please join me in cozying up tonight with a warm mug full of this delicious paleo hot chocolate!

Homemade Bone Broth | Cheap Easy Healthy

Ingredients for bone brothI’ve been hearing a lot about bone broth lately. How cheap and easy it is to make and the endless health benefits of this nutrient rich food such as a strong immune system and healthy digestion. It also strengthens hair, skin, nails, brain, joints (the list goes on!) and reduces cellulite to boot. This is a perfect way to round out our nutrition allowing us to get important nutrients that we typically do not get such as gelatin, collagen, and the valuable amino acids proline and glycine. So when I found myself with bones from a leftover rotisserie chicken, I figured now was the time to give homemade bone broth a try for myself.